Natascha is a busy mom, nurse, holistic educator and professional artist who is creatively passionate about relaxing, de stressing and enjoying the process of painting. As busy as modern life has become, we often feel overwhelmed and unsure how to unwind. I know for myself as a mom, going to the grocery store alone is considered a break!

As a nurse, I see every day how stress can physically change our bodies. That is why I feel so passionate about taking the time to

have fun and just enjoy being creative.

I use only non toxic acrylic paints to ensure your health and safety. Class parties are held at your location. I will bring everything you need to create a 16×20 inch stretched canvas. You just need to supply tables, chairs, and refreshments.

Perfect for a mom’s night out, graduation party, company party or just because you want to paint!

I request a minimum class size of 4 people and a maximum of 25.

Please call, text or email to schedule your party!

Let’s Paint!


Cell (360) 595-4701